CWSF 2016 Delegate Ambassadors Announced

Tue, Feb 2 2016
Youth Science Canada's CWSF 2016 Delegate Ambassador Selection Committee is pleased to announce the 6 people who have been selected to serve as Delegate Ambassadors at CWSF 2016 in Montreal.

CWSF 2016 Ambassador Program: Call for Applications

Sun, Jan 10 2016
Youth Science Canada (YSC) is pleased to announce that the Ambassador Program will be returning for the 2016 Canada-Wide Science Festival in Montreal, Quebec.

Volunteer Position – Delegate Ambassador

Sun, Jan 10 2016
Individuals interested in the position of Delegate Ambassador for the Canada-Wide Science Festival 2016 are invited to apply.

Invent the Future Fall 2015 Campaign Launches

Wed, Oct 28 2015
Canada and the world are facing tough problems. Canadian youth want to make a difference. They know science isn’t easy, but it’s important. We’re challenging them to make their world a better place.


Wed, May 18, 2016 to Fri, May 20, 2016


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