samedi, 12 Avril 2014 by Dominic Tremblay
Sciences jeunesse Canada est heureux d'annoncer les 5 anciennes et anciens qui ont été choisis pour servir d'ambassadrices et ambassadeurs à l'ESPC 2014 à Windsor, le résultat d'un processus de sélection très compétitif impliquant 47 candidates et candidats. En savoir plus
vendredi, 11 Avril 2014 by Dominic Tremblay
Bonne Semaine nationale de l'action bénévole! Sciences jeunesse Canada veut célébrer la Semaine nationale de l'action bénévole en remerciant tous ses bénévoles dévoués. Sans leur soutien incroyable, Sciences jeunesse Canada ne serait pas en mesure répondre à sa mission qui consiste à encourager les jeunes Canadiennes et Canadiens à faire des découvertes scientifiques. En savoir plus
vendredi, 17 Mai 2013 by Vivian Pang
What a week it has been! From inspirational projects and collaborative activities to breathtaking scenery and spectacular ceremonies; the 2013 Canada-Wide Science Fair has been a huge success. En savoir plus
jeudi, 16 Mai 2013 by Vivian Pang
The quest of judging now complete, the finalists embarked on a full day of tours. The day’s itinerary consisted of three distinctively Albertan locales. En savoir plus
mardi, 14 Mai 2013 by Vivian Pang
After toiling in basement labs and over school microscopes throughout the course of the year, vying for the right to compete at school, regional, and sometimes provincial competitions, journeying from all edges of the country, and preparing over three intense days, the pinnacle of this year’s science fair season has arrived: Judging Day. En savoir plus
mardi, 14 Mai 2013 by Vivian Pang
Finalists were up bright and early today at the exhibit hall here at the University of Lethbridge after a night of Human Battleship in the Finalists Lounge. Local students came to see the hundreds of amazing projects at this year’s Canada-Wide Science Fair. An overwhelming 1200 elementary and secondary students carried around “passports” for the finalists to “stamp”. En savoir plus
lundi, 13 Mai 2013 by Vivian Pang
The 2nd day of CWSF 2013 here in Lethbridge marked the official opening to the week! Project displays were finalized as the exhibit hall welcomed hundreds of visitors for the first public viewing session of the week! The participants were given a chance to practice their presentations and showcase the hard work they’ve put into their projects. En savoir plus
dimanche, 12 Mai 2013 by Vivian Pang
The 2013 Canada-Wide Science Fair is well underway here in Lethbridge, Alberta! A warm welcome to all participants, delegates, volunteers, and visitors! The first day has already been a huge success beginning with participant arrivals, campus tours, project setup, information sessions, and concluding with a lively Meet and Greet to end off the day. En savoir plus
jeudi, 28 Juillet 2011 by Team/Équipe Canada - MILSET
Team Canada’s experience at MILSET ESI 2011 in Bratislava, Slovakia this past week was absolutely phenomenal! It is difficult for us to sum up our adventure and to truly express our feelings about it. There are numerous highlights, memories, adventures, photos, and conversations we will never forget. En savoir plus


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